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Well my site has just gone "live". Please take a look at all my work and feel free to comment. Good or bad comment may open some debate and I look forward to it.

I will also be using this section of the site to give out other information on subjects that may be relevant to either myself or to you the viewer.

The first will be a warning about dodgy investment companies operating in India, but that is to follow. Keep an eye open on this section whenever you visit the site.


Investing with CGD (CenturyGroupDirect) in India.

Beware of an investment company CGD based in Indian.

A great sales pitch to interest you in buying shares, that once bought, that they as your trader will not sell on and give profit.

Their con is to say that selling is not moving due to financial markets being as they are. they can however manage to sell your shares at the same price you paid (or lower), thereby pocketing profit from share price increase !